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Let’s Help Hurricane Victims Kate & Joel Get Back On Their Feet

On Wednesday, September 6, Hurricane Irma tore through the Caribbean and devastated everything in its path. One of islands that faced Irma’s wrath was St. John, the smallest of three main U.S. Virgin Islands. It’s now over six months later and many of those who lived on St. John are still trying to recover from having their lives torn apart including Kate Farrington and Joel Walton. Kate and Joel are a couple I met after attending the Concert For Island Relief at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on January 6. Following the benefit concert, the pair told…

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On Depression & Anxiety

A rumble tore through the airplane during my flight into Newark as it approached the airport on a crisp March evening. This didn’t feel like your typical turbulence and it continued for a few minutes. Husbands gripped their wives and vice versa. I should’ve been scared, but I wasn’t. Yet, the reasoning couldn’t have been worse. My vacation week was over and I wasn’t excited to get back to my typical grind. I had never really decompressed and gotten my head out of the game to just enjoy my family and the warm weather the vacation provided. While self-confidence has never…

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It’s Okay To Say ‘I’m Sorry’

As humans we are far from perfect beings. We each make mistakes and don’t do what we say and say what we mean all the time. Thankfully, we are capable of giving and receiving apologies. Some of us use this ability, while others…not so much. Even though I have plenty of self-confidence, I’m not so full of myself that I think I’m always right. Accept your mistakes, learn from them, apologize to those you hurt and move on. This past week, I woke up one morning to extremely disappointing news. I had grand plans for the finale of a project…

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The Members Of Phish Talk Fall Tour 1997

Photo by Custynoob I’m still having a hard time coming to terms with it being 20 years since Phish Fall Tour 1997. For my money, it’s the best tour the foursome ever played. As soon as 2017 started, I wanted to come up with a fun way to honor the 20th anniversary of the tour that went beyond straight essays on the music played. With that in mind, JamBase has been sharing remembrances of each show from people that were there on the 20th anniversary of all 21 concerts. One question that has been brought up a few times to…

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